Drawing Contest Took Place on November 19th, 2009

Andrew D. Moeller's Basic Drawing Class took on Michael Perrone's Concepts in Drawing Class in a Drawing Contest. The contest consisted of nine drawings exhibited below on this blog. The winning team (Basic Drawing) got to throw 15 pies into the face of the losing professor. Thank you to all of the participants and helpers of this contest. It was alot of fun for all involved.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Andrew D. Moeller's Basic Drawing Class Pies Michael Perrone

The Pieing

The Judges (Benton Street Gallery)

Drawing #9: Dizzy Bat Drawing (Students were to spin around a bat 5 times before drawing from a still-life)

Drawing #8: Wheel Barrow Drawings (Students Drew from a Still-Life while a teammate held their legs up)

Drawing #7: Students were to draw from a still-life using their teeth as a drawing tool

Pies Being Prepared

Drawing # 6: Students Drew from a model by drawing with a teammates hands

Drawing #5: Zach Stensen Drawing (Students Shook a container filled with ball bearing rolled in lithographic ink and a sheet of paper)

Drawing # 4: Pocket Drawing (Students drew from a still-life using a piece of paper and pencil inside their pockets)

Drawing # 3: Drawing Item From Bag (Students weren't allowed to look inside while making the drawing)

Drawing #2: Still Life Drawing Using Glove With Pencils For Fingers